Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Third Edition

December 2010
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  • Discusses fundamentals of techniques widely used in industry for product simplification and cost structured designed processes reduction
  • Covers methods for analyzing products that lead to simpler and more cost-effective designs
  • Provides the basic equations and data that demonstrate how to make manufacturing and assembly cost estimates
  • Presents the basic tools for cost analysis within the context of DFMA
  • Includes updated case studies that allow realistic student assignments
  • Supplies cost information on materials, labor, and machine operations





Hailed as a groundbreaking and important textbook upon its initial publication, the latest iteration of Product Design for Manufacture and Assembly does not rest on those laurels. In addition to the expected updating of data in all chapters, this third edition has been revised to provide a top-notch textbook for university-level courses in product design and manufacturing design. The authors have added a comprehensive set of problems and student assignments to each chapter, making the new edition substantially more useful.

See what’s in the Third Edition:


  • Updated case studies on the application of DFMA techniques
  • Extended versions of the classification schemes of the features of products that influence the difficulty of handling and insertion for manual, high-speed automatic, and robot assembly
  • Discussions of changes in the industry such as increased emphasis on the use of surface mount devices
  • New data on basic manufacturing processes
  • Coverage of powder injection molding


  • Recognized as international experts on the re-engineering of electro-mechanical products, the methods and guidelines developed by Boothroyd, Dewhurst, and Knight have been documented to provide significant savings in the product development process. Often attributed with creating a revolution in product design, the authors have been working in product design manufacture and assembly for more than twenty-five years. Based on theory yet highly practical, their text defines the factors that influence the ease of assembly and manufacture of products for a wide range of the basic processes used in industry. It demonstrates how to develop competitive products that are simpler in configuration and easier to manufacture with reduced overall costs.

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