BEVERLY, MA--A new Web-based company promises to expedite the process of procuring custom-made parts.

The company, ThreeCore Inc., secured $2.2 million in first-round venture financing in February. The company will use the money to build a network of qualified suppliers and fund a marketing campaign.

Procuring custom-made parts is a labor-intensive process, says Jerry Bird, a member of ThreeCore's board of directors. "Most companies don't have the staff to research new suppliers, put jobs out for rebids on a regular basis, or understand the capacity or capability of suppliers," he explains.

ThreeCore plans to use the Internet to bring parts buyers and parts makers together in large- and small-scale "private procurement events." The company will also offer support for sourcing various materials, and provide operations engineering services to improve the procurement process.

The company plans to focus on the aerospace, semiconductor, telecommunications and medical device industries.

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