MSP selected Adept Technology Inc. to provide automated wafer handling and sorting equipment for its MSP 2300XP2.

MSP Corp. (Minneapolis) makes equipment for generating, depositing, sampling and measuring aerosolized particles from 3 nanometers to 100 micrometers in size.

MSP selected Adept Technology Inc. (Livermore, CA) to provide automated wafer handling and sorting equipment for its MSP 2300XP2-a particle deposition tool.

Adept provided its FFE Flexible Front-End platform. The platform includes integrated robots, controls, software and clean air system technology. It was developed to meet MSP's requirements.

The FFE platform automatically feeds wafers from a cassette to the MSP 2300 particle deposition tool. It uses a wafer and reticle-handling robot with vacuum end-effectors and through-beam wafer mapping. It also uses Adept's AIM SemiWare, a database-driven application development environment that interfaces with the host controller through either RS-232 or SECS/GEM protocols. The FFE platform is compact and flexible, and meets both Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International and International Organization for Standardization Class 2 cleanliness standards.

"We believe Adept's extensive experience with robotics, machine vision and motion control gives them the unique ability to deliver the most adaptable, comprehensive wafer handling platform," says Benjamin Y.H. Liu, president of MSP Corp. "The platform's modular design, programmability and full range of standard and custom options, coupled with our MSP 2300XP, gives our customers a solution that will improve their wafer cleaning system performance."

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