VISTA, CA—Palomar Technologies will provide Hologic Inc.'s Direct Radiography Div. (Newwark, DE) with a 3500-II automatic component assembly machine to automate its hybrid microelectronics production.

Hybrid microelectronics are used in DirectRay radiographic imaging technology. DirectRay technology uses a direct conversion process to convert X-ray energy into a digital signal that produces a high-quality image with no intermediate steps.

The 3500-II will be used in two areas. It will be used to fabricate microelectronic hybrid assemblies for digital medical imaging applications. It will also populate hybrid microelectronics subassemblies onto thin-film transitor flat panels for use in X-ray detectors for general radiography and mammography.

"We selected Palomar because of its reputation and high level of experience," says Jason Russell, senior manufacturing engineer for Direct Radiography. "We are replacing two older machines with one Palomar 3500-II. This gives us more floor space while providing the accuracy we need for higher throughput and better yield."

The Model 3500-II is designed for fully automatic, high-speed, precision microelectronics assembly. The computer-controlled workcell performs adhesive dispensing, component placement and flip chip operations. A gray-scale pattern recognition system from Cognex Corp. (Natick, MA) locates randomly oriented device features under various background conditions and lighting.