Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., a supplier of electronic components for the personal telecommunications market, recently purchased two Asymtek (Carlsbad, CA) Millennium M-620 dispensing systems to equip its printed circuit board (PCB) facility in Osaka, Japan.

According to Hiroyuki Kuriyama, general manager of Sanyo’s production engineering department, production throughput and quality of its PCB manufacturing process improved immediately upon installation.

"Prior to purchasing the two Asymtek units, three people and eight competitor’s machines were necessary to complete a chip scale package underfill application," he explains. "With the addition of Asymtek’s M-620 dispensing units, only one person is now required to run the program."

The Millennium M-620 Series systems are fully automatic, closed-loop controlled fluid dispensing systems for high-volume, in-line semiconductor packaging and assembly. The unit provides tight control over the processes of part handling, thermal control and fluid delivery to ensure high production.

It features a flexible material handling system that can be configured for a variety of substrate types and sizes. Process carriers, lead frames and multiple substrate carriers are all supported through its flexible architecture.

Fluidmove for Windows NT software controls all machine parameters and events to achieve high-level system performance with a user-friendly interface. An integrated mass flow calibration system automatically compensates for changes in fluid viscosity.

Total takt time for producing a 15- by 15-millimeter chip scale package for a cellular phone is 30 seconds, including conveyor time.

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