The 17 North American facilities of EaglePicher Automotive have implemented a comprehensive, Web-based software program provided by Plexus Systems.

The 17 North American facilities of EaglePicher Automotive (Inkster, MI) have implemented a comprehensive, Web-based software program provided by Plexus Systems (Clarkston, MI).

EaglePicher Automotive is an operating unit of EaglePicher Inc. Its Hillsdale and Wolverine Divisions supply torsional and linear vibration dampers, micro bypass filters, steering knuckles, pump components and rubber-coated metallic and paper gasketing for automotive applications.

Plexus Online is a manufacturing management software program comprised of engineering, sales, material, inventory, production tracking, costing, scheduling, shipping, quality, program management, tool tracking, maintenance, purchasing, accounting, human resources, management, communication, EDI, distribution, pocket PC, system administration and advanced technologies modules. Each module provides a base set of capabilities, plus the flexibility to be configured to meet specific needs.

Users access Plexus Online through a Web browser. Because it has a familiar point-and-click interface, it's easy to use and requires minimal training.

No software is installed on the user's PC, so it's quick and cost-effective to deploy. Plexus Online is ideal for implementing across multiple sites or for establishing Internet-based communication with customers, suppliers and employees. Key features include:

• Simple, easy-to-use design.

• Standard modules for all aspects of manufacturing.

• Special configuration and enhancements where required.

• Start small and grow as needed.

• Support for geographically dispersed locations.

• Integrated e-commerce capability.

"The unique quality of this system is its all-inclusive nature," says Bill Rogers, information technology director at EaglePicher Automotive. "The Plexus system incorporates the more conventional enterprise resource planning activities of purchasing, sales, accounting, shipping and human resources. It also encompasses our shop floor data collection, quality management, electronic data interchange and maintenance functions. It will link virtually every aspect of our operations, allowing us to focus on providing comprehensive customer service."

"This new program makes us much more efficient internally, and improve communication with our customers and suppliers," says William Maclean, president of EaglePicher Automotive. "And the worldwide access to the system further improves our response time. We look forward to introducing our employees, suppliers and customers to this innovative solution."

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