COVINGTON, GA--Hand tools are safer than ever thanks to new ergonomic designs, higher quality materials and precision manufacturing and testing. Even so, tools are only as safe as the person using them.

Recognizing this, Stanley-Proto Industrial Tools has created a new safety education program for professionals who handle industrial tools. Called "Proceed With Caution," the program consists of three kits that contain a video and various support materials. Appearing in the videos are drag racers Kenny Bernstein and John Force, and Ray Evernham, the former crew chief of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

The main kit, titled "Hand Tools & Ergonomics," contains an agenda, tips on organizing a safety meeting, stationery, safety posters, and 100 decals, tests and certificates. Other kits cover knives and blades and striking and struck tools.

The main kit costs $135, and the others costs $35 each. For more information, call 972-919-7468.