ARLINGTON, VA-More than 37 percent of people who do not own a high-definition television (HDTV) plan to buy one within the next 2 years, says the Consumer Electronics Association, and that could be a boon to furniture manufacturers.

"Our survey results show the strong influence that the widespread adoption of new digital TV technologies is having on other segments of the industry, such as home-theater furniture," says Sean Wargo, director of industry analysis at the Consumer Electronics Association. "As consumers rush out to buy new-technology TVs, it makes sense that key accessories, such as furniture stands and displays, would benefit from the increased television sales."

According to the survey, more than 36 percent of consumers would put their new TVs in a cabinet or entertainment center. Another 34 percent would mount it on the wall or ceiling, and 13 percent would place it on a TV stand. Nearly 73 percent of all TV owners prefer television furniture that matches the room's décor, while 18 percent prefer furniture that matches the TV. Nearly 48 percent want customizable furniture for consumer electronic products.