The Böllhoff Group is continuously growing with its customer’s tasks and objectives. The Böllhoff mission is to consistently develop innovative products and services, tailor-made for customer applications.

A network of 42 companies at 38 locations in 23 countries with 2,400 motivated employees makes our contribution to optimizing the customer’s productivity and processes. Additionally, working with agencies in 5 continents secures closeness to all important markets.

Böllhoff’s Automation Group has focused development to solve single sided mechanical joining of similar or dissimilar materials needs within our customer base, developing RIVTAC®

The high-speed joining of RIVTAC® occurs in a simple and fast process. In a single step, the tack penetrates the materials from one side (no backup) and joins them efficiently without pre-punching.  The speed of the tack is controlled via adjusting the setting pressure on the HMI, the speed is optimized to suit the materials and their thicknesses. The tack penetrates all component layers, piercing through the bottom sheet. The joining tack results in material flow, allowing the parent material to be displaced into the annular grooves on the shank of the tack, resulting in a form fit within the joint.  

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