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First Ever Lineside Appliance Server! Introducing IIoTA

"IT Optional” machine visualization and local database storage within a single appliance


elliTek’s IIoTA ™ lineside server is not your run-of-the-mill PC-based server. It is the first ever, lineside appliance server developed to provide engineers with a simple and effective means of defect flow-out prevention and product traceability! IIoTA ™ Features: • Integrated process verification • Standalone “IT Optional” network capability • Traceability data storage & real-time visualization The IIoTA™ appliance server sits on the edge of the network alongside the production line. The lineside database empowers manufacturing engineers by combining a database server with our patented Data Commander™ MES platform. By removing PC-based technology elliTek has proven that an appliance’s combination of data communication, firmware, and network isolation provides secure and traceable production data. No programming experience is necessary to securely connect production line devices (PLCs, hand-tools, etc.). Setup software is included, and no additional software is needed for production monitoring, visualization, and process verification. The IIoTA™ appliance server empowers the manufacturing engineer to create a compliant Lot Management System (LMS) which can be set-up and producing real-time dashboards in minutes. Realize the significant advantages, security benefits, and cost savings. See it for yourself at the 2018 Assembly Show - Booth #2014. Learn about the advantages of combining an “IT Optional” database server with a MES gateway appliance and a visualization solution at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, October 24th in the Learning Theater Presentation Track 1.

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