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The special machines builder, Behr Systems, relies on the ActiveMover from Rexroth to precisely move workpiece pallets independently of each other with a wide range of accelerations to freely definable positions. 37 processing stations are docked on the closed oval in a total of 22 meters. These processing stations carry out a wide range of processing steps for the modules of an electromechanical, safety-relevant module for cars.

The basic layout of the assembly line consists of straight sections and 180° curve modules from the Rexroth ActiveMover transfer system with vertically installed, low-wear linear motors. Workpiece pallets travel the entire length to precisely specified positions independently of each other, sometimes even several positions within one station successively. The system has an autonomy time of 45 minutes, which means it can work for that long without manual interventions. Employees fill up the stocks of components and unload the system. An additional transfer system from Rexroth is used when unloading – the TS2plus. It deposits the fully assembled modules horizontally from the system.


Easy to expand and integrate

The ActiveMover can be integrated into all common architectures via Profinet, Ethernet/IP or EtherCAT and can be controlled by any process control. Furthermore, Behr Systems can retrofit the assembly line with additional ActiveMover section modules to add more stations, if necessary. ActiveMover accelerates workpiece pallets with up to 40m/s² and therefore achieves an extremely high speed. The top speed is 150 m/min. Thanks to this, the system saves crucial fractions of a second at each station, which results in cost benefits with shorter cycle times for Behr Systems.