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Promess Incorporated has a long legacy of harnessing the latest proven technology in our product offerings.  From the early days of our sensing system beginnings to the present time involving sophisticated motion control and data science, we continue to push the envelope of providing low complexity turn-key solutions to our customers.

Today, Promess remains the world leader of Electro-Mechanical Press technology.  This has only been possible by listening close to our customers and where the industry is heading.  Growing from this standpoint, we have developed some exciting product additions…

The newly introduced Promess Platen Press combines two or more Promess presses to scale our force capabilities and maintain close parallel tolerances for many applications involving powder sintering, die cutting, composites molding, and many other applications.

The Promess PRO-Bot2x is an innovation in robotic part handling in conjunction with presses.  It solves the problem of mixing high press forces with part conveyance and provides another option to add safety for operators.

The Smart Press Frame combines our sensing expertise into a complete mechanical solution that turns an ordinary Arbor press, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, into a digitized assembly monitoring system.  The “smarts” are built inside the Press Frame where all the sensing, monitoring, and data analysis is performed.

At the heart of our products is the UltraPRO tool set. The UltraPRO tool set combines a control solution, presses and actuators, sensors, and data services that work together seamlessly and painlessly. It speaks fluently with many PLCs, robots, Quality Information Frameworks, and MES systems.  Applications are easily programmed by non-PLC programmers and complete solutions are ready for production in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

At Promess Incorporated, we are engineers at heart and we’re very excited for what the future holds for manufacturing.  Our product development team is working hard each day to collaborate at every function from Mechanical design, Electrical and Electronic design, Software development, to Customer Application development.  This is reflected in the products we offer and the amount of success our customers achieve.