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The PRO-Bot2x is a two-axis horizontal positioning system powered by a pair of brushless AC servo motors which drive a strain wave gear set in each articulating joint. A workholding fixture is attached to a plate which slides on the press table on a set of low-friction bearing pads.

The dual articulating joints allow the fixture to be positioned in multiple locations under one or more work areas to support sequential operations. The system is ideally suited for use with Promess’ Electro-Mechanical Assembly Presses (EMAPs), Rotational Electro-Mechanical Assembly Presses (REMAPs), and TorquePRO torque units.

 “The PRO-Bot2x was developed as an alternative to traditional X-Y tables and rotary devices which typically have much lower capabilities for both payload and press force,” explained Glenn Nausley, President. “The design is upwardly scalable to handle much larger payloads and it’s fully compatible with the Promess UltraPRO controller which can run both the PRO-Bot2x and the associated press system.”

Promess offers the PRO-Bot2x as part of a turn-key integrated system including the UltraPRO controller, one or more EMAPs or other Promess actuators.

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