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As momentum around the Connected Factory continues to build, manufacturers everywhere are intently focused on reaching Industry 4.0 in their own factory environments. But to reach Industry 4.0 implies that it is a destination—and that, once reached, one’s quest for Industry 4.0 is somehow complete. The lion’s share of the industry speaks about Industry 4.0 this way. However, to reap the full benefits of the Connected Factory, it is critical that today’s manufacturers approach Industry 4.0 as a journey.

Valuable tools, next-gen optimization systems, sensor devices, or manufacturing applications on their own will not instantaneously allow manufacturers to achieve Industry 4.0 status. Instead, Industry 4.0 must be embraced as a long-term, strategic mindset of digital transformation that dynamically alters a manufacturer’s entire operational perspective.

Yes, Industry 4.0, the capabilities of which empower unparalleled advancements in smart, connected manufacturing, is an ongoing journey that requires enterprise-wide effort and enduring support, from CEOs and COOs down to everyday IT/OT practitioners on the factory floor.

In this whitepaper, Aegis will shed light on Industry 4.0 as a transformative journey for today’s manufacturers and provide practical insights into how manufacturers can best embrace Industry 4.0 capabilities in their operational environments.

Specifically, we will examine how manufacturers can overcome obstacles to digital transformation, choose the most appropriate route to full IIoT optimization, and fast track their success with MES, a solution that plays an integral role in the Industry 4.0 journey.