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Consider what happens in your R&D group when going through the process of getting a design ready to go to production. You finalize the CAD, the prints, the Bill of Materials, and put all of this under revision control. That is what many define as "NPI" or New Product Introduction. However, those in manufacturing know that even when a perfect NPI from R&D is complete and handed over to the factory, you can't go to production with that – that information alone is not adequate to start building the product. There's an awful lot of work that has to be done from that point forward to take the design and the BOM (Bill of Materials) and make what's often called the manufacturing work package. This work package includes the quality plan, the route, and the process the product will go through, the logic decisions, and the look of all the visual work instructions at every station that the operators would need. In essence, the entire support of the manufacturing process and its operators and the machines involves a great deal more than was handed over from R&D.