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Manufacturers around the world continue to grapple with the pressure of reducing costs while achieving the highest standard of quality. In this era of the connected customer, we are now experiencing a whole new world with mass customization/personalization in a high-volume environment becoming the norm. To stay competitive, manufacturers need to become agile to respond flexibly to this new demand. But without the real-time visibility and intelligent insights to optimize production, manufacturers will not be able to keep pace with the increased demand for innovation and adapt to dynamic business models. As manufacturers architect and execute their Industry 4.0 initiatives, intelligence gathering and analytics is a mission-critical component. The amount of sensor and machine data being produced today alone is immense, and this is only expected to increase as the cost of sensors decrease, and control points increase. As the number of interconnected factory assets, devices and sensors increases, the amount of data available to manufacturers provides an unprecedented opportunity to generate “smart” insights not possible before.

Analytics should be for the masses, not just for IT or data specialists. Everyone should be able to easily manage and display data that is important and enables real-time and proactive decision making to their job functions. The more broadly that data is available for all members of the organization, the more value the enterprise can extract from it. Providing users across the enterprise with intuitive and configurable reports, real-time dashboards, and even mobile apps can empower the people in operations — not just the IT office — to build the outputs they need in a graphical, simple manner. More importantly, the end user needs to be able to do all of this without SQL, scripting or IT knowledge. Manufacturing leaders need to be able to easily apply data in real-time to current challenges, while simultaneously using the information to better plan for and drive future business. Competitive agility, improved profitability, reduced costs and higher customer satisfaction are just some of the benefits accrued by leveraging intelligent insights across the connected factory floor and throughout the enterprise.

In the webinar, we explore:

  • What leading manufacturers are doing today to ensure their survival in the future.
  • How technology can bridge the gap between IT and Operations to ensure the right information is accessible to the right person at the right time in the right way.
  • How intelligence can be leveraged across the factory floor to support continuous process optimization and productivity improvements for optimal business outcomes.