Manually installing plastic clips in automotive interior trim components is a tedious and physically demanding task. That makes it an ideal application for a collaborative robot.

Visumatic Industrial Products recently worked with an automotive supplier to develop a semiautomatic robotic workcell to do just that. The goal was to develop a standard workcell that was flexible enough to be deployed at any of the supplier’s assembly plants worldwide.

The workcell combines a UR-10 collaborative robot from Universal Robots with a VIM-700 clip feeding and inserting system from Visumatic. Parts are loaded and unloaded by an operator. For optimal ergonomics, the system includes a built-in height-adjustment system. A fixture equipped with clamps and sensors holds the part securely in place during insertion. The sequence of operations is managed by the Universal Robot controller.

The machine installs the clips in a predetermined order, monitors insertion depth, and logs each successful insertion to qualify the assembly. This unique mix of technologies allowed the automotive supplier to move beyond traditional robotic automation barriers without the burden of a specialized programmer.

The UR-10 has a reach of 1,300 millimeters and can carry a maximum payload of 10 kilograms.

To see the clip insertion system in action, click here.

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