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Our customer is manufacturing a new recreational gearbox and has an existing line with aging monitoring and control equipment to verify proper backlash.



Working with a machine builder, our customer chose to build a new cell using Promess’ Gear Backlash Application Kit, a standard offering for testing backlash in gear assemblies.

Promess worked with the machine builder to understand the quality needs and information requirements and configured the Promess UltraPRO system accordingly. The primary component is a Promess TorquePRO unit for actuating the gear unit and measuring torque and position data.

The UltraPRO system actuates the gear unit through its complete set of gear combinations while taking backlash measurements along the way. It compares the measurements to acceptable limits set by the customer and informs the operator when backlash falls out of spec.



With the help of a Promess Application Kit, the machine builder completed the project ahead of schedule with low risk and the customer received a highly streamlined testing cell that exceeded their expectations and insures their high-quality standards