Based in Chester, CT, AeroCision LLC machines and assembles complex jet engine parts made from super alloys and exotic metals. Complex rings, seal assemblies, castings and multilevel assemblies are the among the company’s specialties. AeroCision’s customers include Rolls Royce, Honeywell, GE Aerospace, Vericor Power Systems, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

AeroCision was looking for a safer, easier and more efficient way to move parts and assemblies around its manufacturing facility. A Gorbel Work Station Crane and half-ton GS Series electric chain hoist were the perfect combination to allow them to do just that.

Before implementing the Gorbel equipment, AeroCision was using an engine hoist with a counterweight on the back of it. Designed by the company’s engineers, the custom-built rig allowed workers to push product around the shop floor.

“It was very awkward and hard to use,” recalls a shop supervisor. “We would have to move out tables and move around benches to clear a path so we could get the hoist in there to pick up the part and move it around, then we would have to put everything back. It was very time consuming.”

Now, with the Gorbel overhead crane system, workers can easily pick up the part they need and move it around through narrow spaces. The process of picking up a part and moving it around used to take nearly 45 minutes and require two people. Now, it takes 5 to 10 minutes and requires just one person.

 “We aren’t having any problems with it at all,” says the supervisor. “It’s actually very easy to use. It’s got speed control, so you can slow it down or speed it up, which is really nice. It glides really easily, even with the heavier parts on there.”

Safety is important at AeroCision. With the old system, one of the rotary tables that often needed to be lifted and moved was right at the limit of the engine hoist’s capability. There was always some fear that the engine hoist would flip over. But, that’s not a concern with the Gorbel electric chain hoist.

People in the shop are thrilled with the new systems. “They’re a little upset they didn’t get them sooner,” says the supervisor. “I’ve actually used that system at a different company, and I’m the one who advocated to get it here! I liked it a lot where I was before, it’s just a great system.”