Systems integrator SP Automation & Robotics has become the first and only distribution partner for Universal Robots in Scotland.

Based in Dundee, Scotland, SP Automation has created a new division, SP Elements, that will spearhead sales of Universal’s cobots, helping small and midsized manufacturers safely and cost-effectively automate a range of production tasks.

“Cobots can be adapted and easily programmed to complete an incredibly wide variety of tasks—everything from packaging and assembly to quality inspection and machine tending,” says Roy Henderson, director of

SP Automation & Robotics. “Anyone with no previous robot experience can have one operational and functioning out of the box within two to three hours.”

With the distribution agreement, SP Automation expects to increase annual turnover by 20 percent and sell approximately 30 cobots within the first year.

“Cobots solve the monotonous tasks business simply can’t staff,” says Andrew Clouston, sales engineer for SP Elements. “They streamline repetitive industrial processes, allowing employees to move from repetitive, low-value tasks to higher-value activities that increase productivity and improve working conditions.

“Customers [that would normally consider automation to be] cost-prohibitive will be able to embrace automation by integrating cost-effective solutions by themselves. It also allows effective upscaling as the increase in capacity and productivity levels means they can fulfill larger orders and complete more tasks in the same time frame.”

SP Automation has been designing and manufacturing special-purpose automation and robotic systems for more than 35 years for an array of industries, including medical device, pharmaceutical, automotive, white goods and food manufacturing.

In addition to offering Universal’s four cobot models, the SP Elements team will supply end-effectors, such as grippers and vacuum cups. In the future, the company hopes to offer standard automation platforms for palletizing and welding.

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