BRIGHTON, MI—Promess Inc. has significantly expanded its manufacturing capabilities with the acquisition of a fully equipped 45,000-square-foot facility here. The building includes manufacturing, office, engineering and laboratory space, and the entire manufacturing space is accessible by one of five overhead cranes.

“This facility is giving us the flexibility to quickly react to our customer’s needs and meet our projected manufacturing space requirements in our growth plans for the next few years,” says Promess president Glenn Nausley. “We were already outgrowing our current facilities and, with the projected growth of our current product lines and some new developments that are starting to gain traction, it was clear we needed to expand our manufacturing capability.”

Promess began transferring all manufacturing operations currently based at its Brighton headquarters location to the new facility in early November. Certain administrative, engineering and product support personnel are also relocating to the new facility.

Once the transfer is complete, some of the existing manufacturing space at the original Brighton location will be remodeled to expand Engineering Development space there and provide a dedicated product development area with access to the existing overhead crane. The entire project is anticipated to be complete by early spring of 2021.

“We [decided to purchase the facility] in the middle of 2020 because our team has worked exceptionally hard to provide customers with industry-leading value and we as management could not let floor space be the bottleneck to their success,” Nausley adds. “We are confident this will make it possible for them to continue to react to customer requirements in the Promess ‘Customer First’ tradition.”

Promess is a 36-year-old firm that develops, manufactures and markets its family of sensing devices, electronics, assembly presses and test systems on a global basis.