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Capacitive sensor technology has evolved far beyond the early versions that were susceptible to false triggers due to electrical noise and caused more headaches than results. Today they are reliable detectors of many kinds of media, with sensor adjustments that allow manufacturers to solve complex applications. Whether the material is wet or dry, capacitive sensor technology can meet your specific requirements in many applications.

Join Balluff’s Engineering Partner Manager, Jack Moermond, for a FREE 30-minute live webinar discussing the evolution of capacitive technology and how the latest capacitive sensors are solving a variety of level detection applications. In this presentation Jack will share real-life level detection applications that you may be surprised to hear that capacitive sensors are solving.

The presentation also includes a demo showing the precision of Balluff’s self-adhesive, cut-to-length, capacitive strip sensor. This sensor continuously monitors level from the outside of any non-metallic tank.

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