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When the company began its transition into manufacturing in 2006, Winar Connection discovered its building was not conducive to production. This resulted in Winar constructing a brand new, 80,000 sq. ft. facility that was built around its production processes.

As the company grew, implementing new state-of-the-art equipment posed many challenges; including having to decide where to place the equipment, and then contracting an electrician to hardwire it in place. Additionally, it could take up to eight weeks to relocate existing equipment across the facility when these changes occurred.

Winar knew it had to find a solution to avoid the electrical flexibility constraints it had experienced in its old building. Winar chose the 100 amp Starline Track Busway product because it needed a system that could grow with the company.

Using Starline, the same workstation rearrangement that used to take up to eight weeks was reduced to a single day. Where previously the best way to move hardwired equipment was by use extension cords - a significant safety hazard – by utilizing Starline, Winar could simply unplug a plug-in unit, safely move it to its new location, and have equipment ready within 15 minutes.

Ultimately, Winar can configure its production layout for operational efficiency and can rest assured that access to power will not bottleneck future changes.