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In March 2020, a major Detroit-based auto maker was assigned by the federal government to manufacture medical equipment for the COVID-19 pandemic. In less than two weeks, the company converted an Indiana auto facility to produce critical-care ventilators, to be used in hospital treatment of COVID-19 patients. Using 480 feet of 225-amp track busway sections and 120 plug-in units, employees were able to install a new power distribution system in the facility, over a two-day weekend, to provide power to the new manufacturing machines already in place. The facility was able to begin producing ventilators on the following Monday.

The flexibility of track busway systems makes them ideal for industrial companies that are required to reconfigure their production environments in response to the pandemic. For example, you may need to move machines and work stations farther apart on the factory floor, to provide social distancing for employees. In this case, you can move a plug-in unit closer to the equipment it serves by sliding it along the track busway's open channel, and/or use custom plug-in units with 25-foot drop cords and outlet attachments to provide power to the separated machines.

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