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Overhead power distribution, otherwise known as busway systems, have changed the way facilities supply electricity by forming a grid above the production floor. From here, a reliable connection to power can be made due to Starline Track Busway’s unique open-access channel.

An open channel track busway consists of an aluminum shell, with copper or aluminum busbars mounted along its interior walls. A continuous access slot (the "open channel") runs along the bottom of the busway, for the insertion of plug-in units. This means plug-in units can be installed at any location along the busway to easily pull down power to electrical loads. Available from 60 to 1200 amps, busway’s most distinguishing feature is its adaptability; the system can be customized in over 60 million different configurations.

This ‘plug and play’ principle is what makes busway the ideal solution for manufacturers looking for ability to adjust floor plans under short notice. In contrast, traditional power distribution systems like conduit and wire are hardwired into place, making them extremely inflexible. To combat this, facility managers often turn to extension cords to distribute power across the facility. Not only are extension cords unsightly, they also introduce safety hazards on the production floor.

Track busways provide localized power to the machines, and you can easily scale up power densities to handle higher electrical load requirements. Track busways also provide a significant long-term savings in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your power distribution system.

Watch this video to learn more about open channel busway in manufacturing: