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Busducts are enclosed metal ducts that convey copper or aluminum electrical busbars. Similar to air ducts, busducts are often permanently mounted on or attached to the ceiling or walls. Unfortunately, this gives busducts the same lack of flexibility as a traditional pipe & wire system. If you reconfigure your assembly line or move equipment, you often have to take down the busduct system and move it as well, at great trouble and cost.

Busducts usually provide a limited number of fixed ports as outlets for electrical plugs, which also limits the number of machines the busducts can serve. Depending on the layout of your factory floor, you often must move the machines closer to the busducts or use long extension cords to connect machines back to the ports. As with a traditional pipe & wire system, you must bring the machines to the power source, instead of bringing the power source to the machines.

In contrast, open channel busway’s distinctive plug and play design offers optimal flexibility for future changes. Changes to your power access points can be completed in a matter of minutes, eliminating costly downtime associated with complete power shut off, planning delays, and additional installation labor.

Download this comparison document to learn more about the differences between busway and busduct.