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Balluff’s new BOS R81K series photoelectric sensors deliver reliable detection in a wide range of industrial applications.

These sensors are available in retroreflective, diffuse, diffuse with background suppression and through-beam versions, each with PNP and NPN options.

The bright LED red light-beam in the retroreflective, diffuse and background suppression versions enables sensing ranges up to 3 m and gives accurate results even in dirty and dusty industrial atmosphere. The through-beam version uses infrared light and delivers a sensing range up to an impressive 20 m.

With an 18mm threaded bullnose housing style, each sensor provides an easy mounting option in addition to the mounting holes on the sensor body. They are quick and easy to connect with either a 2-meter cable-out or an M12 connector. And the ABS housings are well suited to tough industrial areas. Adjustment is quickly carried out by means of a top-mounted potentiometer.

Whether using as a through-beam sensor, a retroreflective sensor or a diffuse sensor, with or without background suppression, the BOS R81K series is ideally suited for controlling and monitoring conveyor systems and error proofing in assembly.

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