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The manufacturing industry has needed a solution that could provide increasing press forces that would be able to accommodate larger parts, without losing the precise control required to properly assemble them.

Promess was able to develop a solution: the Promess Platen Press. This system consists of two or more Promess Electro- Mechanical Assembly Presses (EMAP) that work in a synchronized motion to supply the specified force up to 2,000 kN (450,000 lbs). Connected to the presses is a platen that mimics a press ram which allows for an increased surface area to meet the needs of larger applications. 

The Promess Platen Press is capable of load distribution, or balancing a load over a large area, because of the Joined- Axis Technology, powered by Promess’ UltraPRO Controller. This Joined-Axis Technology allows for multiple presses to run simultaneously, while monitoring force and position of each EMAP individually, and the platen as a whole. This feature allows the presses to act as if they were one single press. In addition, the Promess UltraPRO monitors the presses in real-time and stores any desired data to a database for a full record of every part.