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Balluff’s M12 inductive sensors with IO-Link support condition monitoring and enable application-specific setups. 

The IO-Link sensors can provide data on a sensor's internal temperature, overvoltage/undervoltage detection and total operating hours. Remote monitoring of the operating conditions provides users with an early warning of potential problems.

The addition of IO-Link lets users teach the switching distance that is required for the application. The quasi-flush version offers a switching distance of up to 7 mm while the non-flush version extends the range to an impressive 11 mm. Using window mode, two switching points can be set to create a range. Also, the sensor can send warning signals when the target leaves the detection range or comes too close to the sensor. 

The output signal can also be configured in various ways, for example to set the sensor as normally open or normally closed.  This allows users to standardize to one part number and adjust the settings to meet their application needs.

“We need sensors that are more intelligent and that we can do more with. We’ve never had condition monitoring in inductive sensors before. This allows users to better monitor and diagnose what is happening in areas of the plant so they can make needed adjustments for improved process and quality,” said Balluff Technical Support Engineer Shawn Day. “This is a powerful tool for a customer.”

With an IP68 rating, they can be widely used in general factory automation applications. 

For those without IO-Link, the sensors can be used as a standard sensor with the teach functions still available. 

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