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When purchasing a new machine, the many options available can be confusing and overwhelming. To combat this, Orbitform works directly with manufacturers to find the best solution for their assembly needs. From specific cycle times to operator loading and functional requirements, we work with customers to find the best options for the application.

Orbitform’s Process Monitoring package can help in many types of applications. The package includes a load cell for feedback on the force applied while forming and an LVDT or linear variable differential transformer, which gives feedback on the distance the peen tool traveled to form a rivet. Once added to a machine, this package is programmed to meet the specific requirements of each unique assembly. 

Reasons for adding a Process Monitoring package to your machine can include the following:

  • Quality assurance. This package will help show consistency across the travel of the powerhead and force used and provide trend-over-time feedback.
  • Eliminate a check station. When integrated into an automated system, it is customary to add pre- and post-form stations to check the part to ensure consistency and quality. Adding the Process Monitoring package may eliminate pre- and post-form checks.
  • Pre-Form Quality Checks. With the feedback data received, this package can determine whether good parts are loaded correctly and prevent the machine from forming incorrect assemblies, thus reducing scrap rates. The package can complete sophisticated quality checks before forming when combined with additional accessories.
  • Data Traceability. When added to the data logging package, the Process Monitoring package can capture forming data and serialize the assemblies for future traceability.
  • Identify Tooling Wear. Changes in the forming force and distance over time can show tooling wear. If the forming force increases or the distance traveled becomes more significant over time, this can indicate that the tooling has worn and needs to be replaced.

There are many benefits to adding the Process Monitoring package to your next machine. The fastening, forming, and assembly experts at Orbitform strive to partner with manufacturers to find which options best suit the requirements of each unique assembly. Contact us today to discover what machine and options best suit your manufacturing needs.