New Pleora external frame grabber enhances the usability of Skoopia™ block cameras by empowering designers to incorporate them as native GigE Vision® cameras.

content provided by pleoraThis combined solution helps designers and integrators leverage the ease-of-use of Skoopia blocks with the cabling and networking advantages of Pleora’s external frame grabber to boost performance, lower costs, and speed time-to-market for machine vision applications.

Designers can reduce system size, cost, and power consumption by using smaller form factor computing platforms, including laptops and embedded devices, for processing. The networking flexibility of GigE means images from multiple Skoopia block cameras can be aggregated to a single port, and/or images from one camera can be multicast to multiple endpoints.

Pleora’s external frame grabbers for block cameras have been designed into robotics, automated inspection, security and defense, transportation, and drone applications. Multiple cameras can be aggregated to a single port, imaging data can be multicast from one camera to multiple displays, or images from multiple cameras can be combined on one computer or processing unit, eliminating the need for a PCIe frame grabber.