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Fastening Technology Panel Discussion

9/8/22 2:00 pm to 9/8/23 2:00 pm EDT
Contact: Meg M.

Available On Demand until September 8, 2023

In most assemblies that are joined with threaded fasteners, the cost of the fasteners is not as important as the cost of installing them. That makes choosing the right fastening tool of paramount importance. Pneumatic tools are inexpensive, but DC electric tools offer more control and precision. Cordless tools enable assemblers to access fasteners in confined spaces, but they’ll need a steady supply of fully charged batteries. Do you need torque control, angle control or both? Is it a hard joint or a soft joint? Is it an ordinary rundown or a “safety-critical” joint? Could the materials crack or strip if the fastening parameters are insufficiently controlled? Do the fasteners need to be installed in a particular sequence? Is data collection and analysis important? Is ergonomics a concern? If production volumes are high enough, you might be able to justify an automatic screwfeeding system or even a screwdriving robot.

Whether you need a handheld torque wrench or a fully automatic screwdriving system, you’ll find it at The ASSEMBLY Show. Nearly two dozen suppliers will be displaying the latest fastening technology at the show.

Become an informed consumer! Before you visit the show floor, tune into this exclusive panel discussion featuring executives from four of the nation’s top suppliers of fastening tools: ASG, DEPRAG, Desoutter and Panasonic.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss the advantages and limitations of pneumatic tools vs electric tools.
  • Match a tool’s clutch or drive system to the application.
  • Identify how to error-proof fastening operations.
  • Collect and analyze data from fastening operations.
  • Justify investment in a fully automatic screwdriving system.

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