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Chad Roberts

Chad Roberts

Product and Process Development Manager
Performance Feeders Inc.

Chad Roberts is the Product and Process Development Manager of Performance Feeders Inc, in Oldsmar FL. A graduate of ITT Technical institute, Chad began his career in feeding technologies at Pioneer Feeders, where he developed his knowledge of vibratory feeding technology. Then as an applications engineer and dealer manager for a large centrifugal feeder manufacturer, he gained years of experience in centrifugal feeding technologies.

Chad has more than 30 years of design and management experience in the automation industry and in the application of a variety of feed systems technologies including vibratory, centrifugal and flexible feeding. He provided 3-D mechanical design through his own business before becoming a team member and head of Research and Development at Performance Feeders in 2016. He is driven to bring new and inventive ideas to the feeding industry and to enhance the time tested and proven feeding technologies already in existence.

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