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Bill Devenish

Bill Devenish

DFMA Expert and Producibility Engineer
The Devenish Group Inc.

Bill Devenish has 30 years experience developing portable, hand-held,communication products from requirements definition to design, production and sustaining. He has institutionalized the use of DFMA (Design For Manufacture and Assembly) within several companies, achieving 50% reduction in product costs and accelerating new product time-to-market. Bill successfully led the engineering team that developed the first smartphone (Nokia 9000il Communicator) released in North America, on-time and within budget. He has a Mechanical and Systems Engineering background emphasizing the use of 3D CAD tools, including Pro/E and SolidWorks, with their associated analysis tools.

Design for Value

To survive in today’s environment of low growth and rapid product life cycles, companies must consistently deliver products that provide both the best value to customers and the most attractive economics over their entire life cycle. Design for value is a cross-functional development process that achieves these dual objectives. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to focus innovation efforts on the features that their customers are willing to pay for and to select cost optimization approaches that will improve and protect long-term profitability.

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