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Gene Goodson, Ph.D.

Executive-in-Residence Emeritus, Tauber Institute for Global Operations
University of Michigan

Gene Goodson is executive-in-residence emeritus at the Tauber Institute for Global Operations at the University of Michigan. His extensive experience includes significant leadership positions in university, government and industrial environments. Goodson was chief scientist of the U.S. Department of Transportation during the first energy crises and led Purdue University’s interdisciplinary research institute from its initial development to a position of national prominence. Moving to industry in 1981, Goodson led Johnson Control’s automotive seating business from a $150 million build-to-print automotive supplier to a $1.3 billion international Tier One leader. He was responsible for building more than 35 just-in-time plants that epitomized lean manufacturing best practices. As Chairman and CEO of Oshkosh Truck Corp., he led the company’s transformation from a single-product defense contractor to market leadership positions in two commercial specialty segments, and led the company through a quality and productivity transformation culminating in ISO 9001 certification.


Rate Lean: Fast

Gene Goodson first described his rapid plant assessment process in 2002 for the Harvard Business Review. More than 1,000 plant tours and assessments later, Goodson applied the accumulated data to create a workbook Rate Lean: Fast, published by the Tauber Institute for Global Operations at the University of Michigan. The workbook describes in detail how to plan a tour, rate an operation, and envision an ideal lean plant based on the concepts of the Toyota Production System. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to accurately evaluate an operation’s efficiency from observations made during a brief plant tour.



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