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Matt Lemay

Matt Lemay

Generative Design Adoption
Autodesk Inc.

Matt Lemay is a Mechanical Engineer with experience in aerospace composites and additive manufacturing for the medical industry. At Autodesk, Matt’s focus has been on helping customers leverage disruptive technology with Generative Design in Fusion 360 to exponentially improve product development. Over the last 4 years, Matt has worked closely with enterprise automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and industrial machinery customers to achieve those goals.

Designing the Future with Generative Design Software

Generative design mimics nature’s evolutionary approach to design. Engineers input design goals into generative design software, along with parameters such as materials, manufacturing methods and cost constraints. Unlike topology optimization, the software explores all the possible permutations of a solution, quickly generating design alternatives. It tests and learns from each iteration what works and what doesn’t. This session explains this exciting new design tool.

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