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Olivia Grev

Olivia Grev

Experience Consultant - C&IP
West Monroe Partners

Olivia Grev is an experienced consultant in West Monroe Partners Consumer and Industrial Products practice.


How to Attract the Next-Generation of Skilled Manufacturing Workers

Some 12,838,000 million Americans held manufacturing jobs in April 2019. That’s 12 percent more than in April 2010, it’s the highest total since December 2008. Overall, the U.S. unemployment rate fell to 3.6 percent in April 2019—the lowest jobless rate since December 1969.

As great as those numbers are, they could be even better. Talk to manufacturers anywhere in the country, and they’ll tell you their top challenge is the inability to attract skilled workers. Minnesota manufacturers are no exception. More than 8,300 manufacturing companies are located in the North Star State, and manufacturing represents 16 percent of the state’s GDP. And yet, manufacturing continues to lose talent to other fields like healthcare and high tech. To understand why, business and technology consulting firm West Monroe Partners polled 1,000 Minnesota workers aged 18 to 40. The results are thought-provoking.

For example, while 70 percent of Minnesotans perceive the industry positively, 75 percent have never worked in manufacturing and 44 percent would not consider a career in manufacturing. Why not? Is it compensation? Concerns about safety or job security? In this webinar, Sam Dawes, senior manager at West Monroe Partners, will present the results of his firm’s survey and offer insights into how to attract the next generation of skilled workers to manufacturing.


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