The Assembly Show 2019 Presentations

Ford Motor Company Manufacturing: Journey to a Completely Connected and Intelligent Manufacturing System

Michael Mikula, Chief Engineer, Advanced Manufacturing, Ford Motor Company

The Art of Automation Technology: How New Mechatronics Build the Next Generation of Feeding and Handling Solutions

Sean McBride, National Sales Manager, Afag Automation

Designing the Future with Generative Design Software

Matt Lemay, Generative Design Adoption, Autodesk Inc.

Traceability in Production and Assembly

Wolfgang Kratzenberg, Technical Sales Specialist: Traceability, Balluff Inc.

Getting Started on the Road to Industry 4.0

Rodney Rusk, Industry 4.0 Business Leader, Bosch Rexroth Corp.

Automating Assembly Lines with AGVs

Bruce Buscher, Vice President - Smart Handling Group, Daifuku North America

Scalable Automation a Path to Turnkey Success

Stephen Maund, President & CEO, Demco Automation

Innovations in Screw Assembly Technology

Boris Baeumler, Sr. Applications Engineer, DEPRAG Inc.

Understand Process Control Data

Nicolas Bocquet, Marketing Manager of North America, Desoutter Industrial Tools
Jamarrius Jeffries, Product Marketing Specialist, Desoutter Industrial Tools

Parts Feeding 101 for Robot Automation: Flexible Feeding and More

Rick Brookshire, Director of Product Development, Epson Robots

Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Predictive Operations

Sachin Andhare, Global Marketing Director, Falkonry Inc.

Optimizing Helium Usage and Alternative Test Methods in Production Leak Testing

Paul Chamberlain, President & CEO, LACO Technologies

Lean Manufacturing and Assembly Automation

Quarterman Lee, President, Strategos Inc.

Evolving Torque Application Strategies

John Nigro, National Sales Manager, Sturtevant Richmont

Leap Forward... Without Fear

Floyd Dickson, Vice President, Tutelar Technologies

How IoT Can Lead Us To Look For Solutions In All The Wrong Places

Adrian Jennings, Chief Product Advocate, Ubisense

Resolving the Labor Crisis in Manufacturing

Joe Campbell, Head of Americas Marketing and Applications Development, Universal Robots USA

The Reality of Augmented Reality

Chris Delvizis, VP of Product Management, Upskill

Designing for Automation

Zack Ruffing, Regional Sales Director, Weber Screwdriving Systems

ASG SICK, Inc. universal-robots

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