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Quarterman Lee

Strategos Inc.

Quarterman Lee has been a trusted advisor to business and industrial clients for more than 23 years. Prior positions at Ford Motor Company, Rockwell-International, McDonnell-Douglas and Crown- Zellerbach provided broad experience in Plant Engineering, Product Engineering and Management. Mr. Lee has authored more than 200 articles, books, papers and training programs. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.

He has prepared Master Site Plans for facilities, which will sustain their growth for decades. He has made important contributions to the plant layout field.

Facilities Planning and Workplace Design is Mr. Lee's latest book on facility planning. He previously co-authored McGraw-Hill's Handbook of Commercial and Industrial Facilities Management.

His current work-in-progress is titled Practical Workcells. Cellular Manufacturing and related topics such as Group Technology (GT) have had a special interest. He participated in the early computerization of GT. He has helped many clients transition to Cellular Manufacturing with significant benefits in manufacturing performance. Using computer simulation.

Mr. Lee helps optimize material systems, manufacturing systems, workcells and other processes. Mr. Lee is widely known for his work in Manufacturing Strategy, Just-In-Time, and Business Process Re-Engineering. He bridges the gap between the Marketing and Manufacturing functions of business. Time-Based Competition, perhaps the ultimate competitive advantage, is the logical culmination of much this work. Group Technology, Focused Manufacturing, Total Quality, JustIn-Time.... All are prerequisites to compete on the dimension of time

Lean Manufacturing and Assembly Automation

Many people believe that lean manufacturing principles only apply to manual assembly applications. But, lean initiatives work equally well with either automated assembly systems or manual assembly processes. Semi- and fully automated assembly systems come in many formats, ranging from rotary indexing systems to high-speed continuous motion systems. No matter the shape, size or speed, engineers can use lean manufacturing principles to continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of production equipment. In this session, you'll learn how to use automation to improve flow, reduce waste and maximize value. You will also learn about particular issues to consider when deciding on an appropriate level of automation, specifying the equipment and designing the details

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