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Rusk Bosch Rexroth

Rodney Rusk

Industry 4.0 Leader
Bosch Rexroth Corp.



The Road to the Connected Factory

The journey to implement connected products and solutions to achieve the Factory of the Future can be daunting. In this talk Bosch Rexroth shares their vision for approaching the development of a connected factory roadmap. Concluding with a discussion of connected ready products and solutions that are available now, what is coming next and what Bosch Rexroth sees beyond.

Getting Started on the Road to Industry 4.0

Just as lean manufacturing is about more than eliminating waste, Industry 4.0 is not merely a matter of connecting machines and products via the Internet. Industry 4.0 will inevitably lead to new types of work and ways of working. This will necessitate changes to company structures and the relationships between companies. Businesses must understand what Industry 4.0 means to them and develop a corresponding implementation strategy. This session will provide will provide advice on how to get started.

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