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Stephen Maund

President & CEO
Demco Automation

Stephen Maund has been the Chief Executive Officer and President at Demco Automation, Inc. since 2010. Mr. Maund served as Director of Engineering and Manufacturing at Demco since January 2002. He has over 20 years experience in the development and management of advanced technology OEMs in the, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Electronics, and Consumer Products.

Workshop Presentation:
Scalable Automation: A Path to Turnkey Success

Assembly automation can run the gamut from user-operated benchtop stations to full turnkey systems. By creating a scalable automation strategy from the beginning, equipment reuse, risk reduction, and incremental implementation can be realized. By approaching an automation strategy in an incremental way, engineers can reap many benefits, such as the opportunity to prove risky or untested processes before “going all in” on a full turnkey system, a reduction in initial capital outlay at the beginning of a program, and the quick launch of critical processes. In this sessions, you’ll learn how to develop and implement scalable automation.

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