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Pleora helps brand owners and manufacturers deploy AI to improve quality, lower inspection costs, and speed production. The company’s AI solutions for end-to-end quality includes an intuitive “no code” software platform to simplify algorithm development and edge processing that integrates with existing infrastructure and end-user processes to streamline deployment. Our solutions are market-proven in consumer goods, parts manufacturing, food & beverage, and print & packaging applications.

  • Quickly design and deploy advanced inspection skills without changing existing systems
  • Reduce errors that result in poor product quality, waste, and costly secondary screenings
  • Maintain brand standards and meet safety and compliance requirements
  • Inspect challenging materials (metal, glass, fabric, wood, irregular shapes)


Simplifying AI Design and Deployment – How It Works

No-code plug-in development: Pleora’s eBUS AI Studio™ “no-code” development platform lets non-experts and designers develop, customize, and train AI and computer vision plug-ins in hours.

Transfer plug-in to AI Gateway: Plug-ins developed in eBUS AI Studio are optimized for Pleora’s AI Gateway™. The compact edge processing platform enables an evolutionary AI deployment approach by integrating seamlessly with existing infrastructure and end-user processes. eBUS AI Studio plug-ins can also be deployed on other compatible computing and processing devices.

Connect your camera: Our unique standards-based approach ensures zero vendor lock-in and full compatibility with third-party cameras, sensors, processing solutions, and libraries.

Add AI to your existing application: The AI Gateway seamlessly intercepts the video, applies your AI skill, and sends the data to existing processing applications.

Display results and share your data: Your existing inspection application receives the processed video as if it were still connected directly to the camera. Data can also be used for continuous offline plug-in training, and shared with other factory analytics applications. Integrated MQTT and OPC-UA no-code blocks ensure future-proof Industry 4.0 compatibility.