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    Smart Technologies Aid Continuous Improvement Efforts

    Process improvement projects have traditionally struggled with obtaining accurate data quickly and easily. In many cases, various data sources provide competing sources of the truth. Smart technologies offer the means to provide a single source of the truth, without the time-consuming and labor-intensive efforts of the past.
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    Do You Need a Tool Location System?

    On an assembly line, a fastening tool is typically set up to install specific fasteners at a specific workstation. While an assembler might be tempted to use that tool to help a colleague down the line, such good intentions could actually lead to fastening errors. To keep that from happening, several companies have developed a variety of ways to ensure that fastening tools stay put.
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    Video: GM's Energy and Carbon Footprint Strategy

    Manufacturers around the world are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint. One company that is doing something about it is General Motors. Last fall, the automaker announced that it plans to source 100 percent renewable energy to power its U.S. sites by 2025.

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