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New generation of optical head amps deliver more speed and accuracy than fiber optic versions

Balluff’s new generation of optical head amplifiers delivers precise detection and high speeds for small-scale processes. And IO-Link versions make it possible to parameterize, monitor, and centrally control any of Balluff’s more than 125 remote optical heads.

The new external BAE SA-OH amplifiers from Balluff pair with exceptionally small through-beam and retroreflective optoelectronic sensor heads, as well as sensor heads for tubes and light bands. There are also sensor heads designed specifically for water detection and for ultra-high vacuum settings. Their size makes them suitable for extremely tight spaces and quickly moving machine elements.

They are available in four versions to meet a variety of application needs: basic, premium analog, smart, and premium.

The basic version provides a single switching signal channel, a 500 kHz speed, and PNP or NPN; the premium analog version provides one analog output, 8 kHz speed; the smart and premium versions each offer two switching signal channels with two set points each, single and two-point operating modes, and PNP or NPN, push/pull or IO-Link output. The smart version delivers 500 kHz speed, while the premium version delivers 4 kHz speed.

In addition, the smart and premium versions offer the ability to sync up to 8 amplifiers to avoid cross-talk. Additionally, these models offer OLED displays to provide a graphical interface for data visualization and configuration.

“The new version-11 amplifiers are optimized to set them apart from our legacy models. They are very configurable and offer IO-Link versions, but my favorite feature of these new amps is the ability to switch the speed frequency on them,” said Logan Welch, technical sales specialist for photoelectric sensors at Balluff. “This allows a user to increase the speed for high-speed applications or slow it down to increase accuracy on slower applications. Standard speed is 500 hertz, but it can be boosted to up to 4 kHz in the premium version and 8 kHz in the premium analog version.”

These new amplifiers are ideally suited for applications requiring high accuracy sensing or placement, such as pill counting, bubble detection, level detection, or wafer positioning.


  • Compatible with all Balluff BOH Sensor heads
  • IO-Link functionality including counters and monitoring
  • Intuitive usability ensures a fast and efficient setup
  • Various operating and speed modes to fit any use case
  • Synchronization of up to 8 devices

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