A distributor of OEM and aftermarkets parts for industrial equipment uses Vaira by Pleora, an AI-based visual inspection app, to help ensure its staff sends the right replacement product to customers.

content provided by pleoraThe company maintains a large database of products from multiple manufacturers. Often a customer will send in a product for replacement, and customer service will then search the database for the correct part. The difference between products can be difficult to visually identify and places a heavy workload on the customer service team as they try to differentiate between profiles and make accurate measurements. The company would like to improve turnaround time for replacements.

Deploying Vaira, the customer service team uses the solution’s camera and visual inspection app to capture an image of the product. An AI classification model then compares the real-time image to product images stored in the database and recommends a replacement part.

Initially the system recommends a product family to help narrow the search for the customer service team. As the operator uses the system, they are continuously training the model so that it will narrow its recommendations. To help reduce integration costs, the distributor can train its own model using Vaira’s low code development tools as it adds new products to the database.