A manufacturer of high-end mission-critical components for aerospace, defense and medical markets uses Vaira’s suite of scaleable AI-based apps to help improve its traceability and product return processes.  

content provided by pleoraThe company uses Vaira by Pleora to improve product traceability and speed root cause analysis if an in-field error is reported and replacement request is filed. Any cosmetic defects found on products after shipment can result in a nonconformance report, which may affect the manufacturer’s future contract thresholds. The company is also required to illustrate process refinement efforts to mitigate risk of quality escapes repeating. Often, the timeline of customer reported cosmetic defects can stretch as far as one year from the shipment date. Without images illustrating the state of the product before it left the facility, the manufacturer has no way of disputing defect claims or identifying where the error occurred across incoming parts, production and assembly, packaging or shipping steps. 

Deploying Vaira’s Product Tracker app into their quality control steps, the camera-based system captures images of the product at incoming, in-process, and outgoing inspection steps. Images are stored to a central database. Prior to digitizing this process the manufacturer would spend a lengthy amount of time devoted to root cause analysis and a compiling a report. Now, reporting is seamlessly automated using the Tracking and Reporting app. The app automatically generates reports using images from the repository for instant and objective reporting. In the event of a customer claim, the images offer the established facts required to satisfy all legal elements of a quality dispute quickly and effectively.