An automotive component manufacturer relies on human operators to visually inspect spark plugs for potential defects or imperfections during production. The manufacturer employs a machine vision system to check parts for chips, defects, or broken edges but added Vaira’s AI-based visual inspection app to support faster, more consistent, and traceable decisions during final manual review.

content provided by pleoraThe visual inspection app has been deployed in a semi-automated inspection station that rotates the spark plug in front of a machine vision camera to provide a complete 360-degree view of the product. The app identifies and highlights potential defects in real-time for the operator. As the operator accepts or rejects defects, they are transparently training an AI model. Within a few inspections the app will start suggesting a pass/fail decision to the operator.

While ensuring product quality, Vaira also helps the manufacturer gather data and insight on manual manufacturing decisions. This includes operator notes and images of defective or damaged parts that are stored in the manufacturer’s ERP system to help guide continuous improvement and trend analysis initiatives.

With Vaira the manufacturer has digitized and automated visual inspection and traceability without impacting existing production processes to improve quality control, increase productivity, and reduce waste.