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Adam Dickson

Strategic Account Manager – Midwest Region
Tutelar Technologies

Adam Dickson is the Strategic Account Manager – Midwest Region for Tutelar Technologies; the creators of the Ujigami suite of Industry 4.0 plant-floor software. Ujigami provides dock-to-dock active control and mistake-proofing for manufacturers and distributors in a variety of industries, and features interactive work instructions, task sequencing and control, real-time reporting, birth certificate traceability, and more.

Adam lives in Chicago and helps new and existing customers solve their plant floor challenges utilizing Ujigami’s easy-to-configure modules. The wider availability of more capable devices has allowed Adam and his customers to expand Ujigami’s control to exciting new applications and improve their processes.

He joined Tutelar Technologies in 2014 after graduating from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. Since joining Tutelar, Adam has increased his customer reach across the US including prominent manufacturers in automotive, recreational vehicles, commercial equipment, and aerospace.

Adam is most proud of his work with customers in 2020 during the COVID pandemic – finding creative solutions to assist customers with no budget, short timelines, and personnel restrictions. The greatest testament to Ujigami is the continued growth and investment in Ujigami software by customers even during these hardships, because of how crucial the capability is to their manufacturing success.


There’s More to Industry 4.0 Than “Moneyball”

The last decade in sports has been highlighted by an enhanced focus on data and analytics, perhaps best demonstrated by the 2011 Academy Award-nominated film Moneyball. Meanwhile, new intelligent devices in manufacturing have brought about an Industry 4.0 movement focused on gaining a similar competitive edge. But is there more to this revolution than data?

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