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Adrian Jennings

Chief Product Advocate

Adrian Jennings serves as Chief Product Advocate for Ubisense. In this role he acts as a spokesperson, accelerating development and adoption of Ubisense’s SmartSpace platform by working with all stakeholders from initial vision through successful use. He brings the vision of the product to the market, helping evangelize this new category of spatial digitization platform, and brings the vision of the market to the product, helping Ubisense align around a common goal.

Prior to joining Ubisense Jennings was CTO of Time Domain, a location technology provider for both civilian and military use. He is a recovering rocket scientist, and as designated UK intelligence expert spent three years as a missile consultant with the US Department of Defense. He received a master’s degree in physics from Oxford University and now finds himself bemusedly working for a Cambridge company.


How IoT Can Lead us to Look for Solutions in All the Wrong Places

The notion of the Internet of Things can make us mistakenly focus on the things themselves, and cause us to look for the wrong solutions. For example, when critical items (WIP, tools, parts) go missing it’s tempting to focus on the items, conclude the need for an item-finding solution and wonder why the RoI is so disappointing. In truth it’s better to adopt processes in which items cannot go missing in the first place. In this presentation Mr. Jennings leverages over a decade of digital factory transformation experience to explain why a focus on “things” leads us to try to find solutions that work around problems, rather than adopt transformation that eliminates the possibility of the problems arising in the first place. Using first-hand examples from various digital transformation projects, Mr. Jennings highlights the difference between a focus on things, and a focus on process transformation. In each example this change in perspective points to a different class of solutions and creates significantly better and more far-reaching return on investment.

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