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Ben Marsh

Ben Marsh

President and CEO
Scout Systems Inc

I have wide range of experience and training in both Engineering and Business. I have spent most of my career in Manufacturing, and have my Black Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma. As the CEO of Scout Systems, I am very involved with our customers and love being onsite to get to know our customer's needs and help ensure our product is doing everything that we aim to do. This company and product is my passion, nothing in this world excites me more than understanding and improving processes through advanced data analysis. My approach is to solve problems first, sell second. Follow Scout System's company page to get insight into this incredible technology!

Lean Manufacturing and Manual Assembly - IIoT With Manual Assembly

Nobody’s perfect. Even the best trained, most experienced assemblers can make mistakes on the line, especially in high-mix production environments. Fortunately, a variety of software products are available to help prevent assembly errors. However, today’s state-of-the-art tools do more than just guide operators. Digital work instructions help drive productivity, improve efficiency, simplify connectivity and enhance Industry 4.0 initiatives. In this presentation, you will learn:

Achieving Buy-In in a Digital World

As your factory evolves toward a more digital world some operators may become hesitant of the changes. In this presentation we will review methods to gain operator buy-in as you work to implement automation and usage of data capturing tools. You will hear stories of real-life projects and the benefits that were realized.


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